Dec. 11, 2014, 9:30 p.m.

Putting Off Remodeling? You are walking a tightrope!

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Wow. What an economy. All construction stopped dead in its tracks when everything went haywire in 2008. After the crash, I drove around NC for 2 1/2 years and saw (literally) NO BROKEN GROUND. Likewise with residential remodeling. No action at all. It’s amazing that many contracting companies stayed afloat!

Now, as a husband that likes to play golf, I have to say that the only GOOD THING that came about when the mortgage bankers shot us between the eyes was that my wife placed no scheduled major “honey dos” or renovation projects on my calendar. Her agenda matched that of just about every contractor and architect I knew – SHE HAD NO FUTURE PLANS. My golf handicap has dropped two points in the last 3 years. It has been pure heaven – from a personal standpoint! Professionally – not so much.

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But enough is enough. Even I can only play so much golf. I found myself the other day actually asking the secretary of war (my wife) what I could do to help her around the house. I should probably be shot. My buddies would kill me if my wife ever talked to their wives.

All joking aside, things are turning slowly back in the right direction. We’re seeing some new construction projects scheduled. More so than that, we’re seeing really some nice startups in remodeling projects. People are redoing their kitchens again. One can only put off remodeling for so long before things start to fall apart. At some point, it becomes completely embarrassing to have someone over for a party or for dinner.

Even if the homeowner can’t afford new cabinetry, they’re giving it the old once over with countertops. Maybe some new flooring and a curtain or two. If you ask me, all of this can’t come soon enough. Web-Don is ready, willing, and more than able to handle ANY project that comes up!

It’s too cold to play golf right now, anyway!

Hal Kidd